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Calle de la Cabeza, 38, 4 int. derecha,Madrid


Studio La Cube is delighted to present its new project of lamps: Broken Bricks. Brocken Bricks is based on the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, in which the imperfection, the ephemeral and the incomplete aspects of the objects are the main reason of their beauty. We have taken this idea to reuse broken and abandoned bricks from construction for giving them a new role as the center of our lamps. We have created unique pieces in which the beauty of the bricks is combined with metal sheets of copper or brass, creating an elegant contrast between different materials and colors. Instead of shaping the material in order to adapt it to our design, we have used the same form of the broken bricks without modifying it. Doing so, we have designed each piece based on an unexpected form, reinvesting the traditional work method and enjoying a creative process that has let us go deep into the beauty of everyday objects. We have chosen not only the bricks but also, in some cases, other kind of construction waste, such as pieces of pavement or cobblestone, always following the same philosophy. This project has been developed in Brooklyn, and has been inspired by its aesthetic, its buildings, streets and way of living.